Cell Biology

Advance your research with Rockland’s extensive collection of cell biology antibodies, encompassing core research areas, including signal transduction, cancer, neuronal research, developmental processes, cell structure, mitosis, DNA modification and others. Our reagents are tested in numerous applications to perform as specified, delivering highest quality tools for innovative research using microscopy, in vivo studies, cell-based assays, and flow cytometry.

Antibodies for Stem Cell Research

Stem cell antibodies facilitate stem cell research, which remains a growing area of scientific exploration, with numerous possibilities in various medical fields and disease treatments. Each differentiation state has specific markers that can be used to isolate or identify differentiated vs. non-differentiated cells.

Rockland produces antibodies against common pluripotent stem cell (PSCs) and multipotent stem cell markers, including Oct-4, GATA4, and Nanog antibodies.

Cell Cycle and Checkpoint Control Primary Antibodies

Rockland's cell cycle antibodies are produced from hyper-immune serum and are thoroughly validated by immunoassays commonly used in research laboratory settings. Our scientific staff is experienced in generating antibodies with high specificity to activated domains of cell cycle components such as critical post-translational modifications like phosphorylation at key sites. Certain analytes, like p53, are extensively modified by several PTMs including phosphorylation, acetylation, ubiquitinylation, and methylation.

Additional Rockland cell biology antibodies include:

  • Apoptosis primary antibodies
  • Cyclin antibodies
  • Cyclin dependent kinases
  • Tumor suppressor proteins
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Post-Translational Modification
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