Rockland is a multi-faceted company serving as a CRO and CMO to the in vitro diagnostic, agricultural, veterinary, and environmental sectors of the diagnostic community. Our core competences and experience is central in our ability to provide critical reagents, raw materials, and custom services from concept to manufacture.

From Concept to Manufacture

Rockland provides critical reagents during assay development so as the prototype immunoassay moves to production-scale, our bulk reagents are validated and approved for manufacturing runs. We take on the role of a complete solutions provider, offering custom services, raw materials, and assay development—all with the goal of moving your concept to manufacturing then the marketplace.


  1. Biomarker discovery
  2. Cell line development
  3. Recombinant protein & peptide synthesis
  4. Antigen & antibody development


  1. Assay development
  2. Conjugation & dye labeling
  3. Antibody pairing
  4. Process-specific reagent development
  5. Animal serum
  6. Prototype assays


  1. LOB, LOD, & LOQ
  2. Stability studies
  3. Linearity & spike recovery
  4. Interfering substances
  5. Human factors testing


  1. Scalability
  2. Product-specific formulations
  3. Cell line storage
  4. Custom fill & finish
  5. Bulk quantities

Lateral Flow Assays for Sickle Cell Disease

The long-term availability of reliable antibodies for point-of-care tests is among the biggest challenges for diagnostic companies. Rockland’s scalable in-house manufacturing capabilities make us a reliable partner for the supply of these critical reagents to the industry.

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Critical Reagents for In Vitro Diagnostic Assays

Diluents, Buffers, & Blocking Reagents:

Reduce non-specific antibody binding and background signals to increase the sensitivity of your assay with diluents, buffers and blocking reagents from Rockland. Our critical reagents are proven to maintain the physiological conditions of your assay and decrease the severity of effects from the analyte matrix.

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Blood Products:

Whole Blood, Serum & Plasma

+ Optimized for use as positive and negative controls and for evaluating matrix effects and spike recovery assessments

+ Low temperature processing techniques are used to ensure high complement activity while maintaining low cytotoxicity when used in compliment fixation tests


+ Prepared from healthy, non-medicated animals using very large pools to minimize lot-to-lot variability

+ Often used in conjunction with Sheep RBCs and Anti-Sheep RBC products

Red Blood Cells

+ Aseptically collected and prepared-to-order from our on-site vivarium

+ Our anti-RBC antibodies are also available for sequesterng and agglutinating red blood cells, preventing interference in your assay

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Need reagents in bulk?

Rockland offers custom manufacturing services for producing bulk quantities of the high-quality reagents you need. We can produce antibodies up to gram-scale amounts, buffers and solutions up to thousands of liters, and purified sera proteins up to kilogram quantities. With complete control of the manufacturing process, we can ensure qualified multi-year lots and long-term supply control.

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Why use Rockland for your diagnostic development?

Experienced Trusted Provider

60+ Years of Experience

Rockland has been a trusted provider of critical reagents and services for over 60 years with expansive experience in all phases of product development

secure supply chain

Secure Supply Chain

Every aspect of manufacturing is completed within our US-based facilities with fully traceable manufacturing processes and QA systems

scalable manufacturing

Scalable Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilites allow for lifetime production of small- to large-scale reagents

full-service provider

Full-Service Provider

Novel assays can be created start-to-finish with our antibody and reagent generation and assay development and validation services

On-site Vivarium

On-Site Vivarium

Our vivarium is USDA and TRACES inspected and approved and allows us complete control of the production process

guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Quality

Our products conform to high quality standards with a flexible quality system that can meet the unique needs of your organization