Cell Lines

Identify critical target genes and pathways enacted by genomic alterations and lead to more accurate predictions of the effectiveness of novel cancer therapeutics with Rockland’s preclinical tumor cell lines. In partnership with the Wistar Research Institute, we have produced, validated, and distributed a diverse panel of low-passage human melanoma cell lines from freshly excised metastases to facilitate your melanoma cancer research.

Highly-characterized Melanoma Cell Lines

Patient-derived tumor models are invaluable tools to study normal and malignant cells, tumor formation, and drug resistance. Specific applications of this line include genetic studies, xenograft production, drug testing and drug target discovery. Our panel of melanoma cell lines can be used to account for the varied genetic signatures of tumors, especially if the scientific goal is to establish drug sensitivity for tumor inhibition, therapy resistance, or tumor dormancy.

These cancer cell line models have been organized based on the presence and/or absence of mutated or wild type genes and characterized to confirm a match to the originating patient tumor tissue via mRNA, qPCR, and DNA short tandem repeat (STR) analysis.

Our melanoma cell lines are highly validated by extensive analysis including copy number determination, gene expression profiling, immunohistochemical staining with antibodies to known tumor biomarkers, STR, and response to drugs.

  • Biologically stable in gene expression pattern, tumor architecture, and mutation status, giving them the ability to predict clinical activity.
  • Freshly excised metastases
  • Highly characterized for BRAF, N-RAS, KIT, PTEN and CDK4 mutations.
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