Recombinant Antibodies

Rockland's Recombinant Antibodies category is curated to offer unparalleled reproducibility, specificity, and scalability. Originating from B cells of hyperimmunized animals and refined through advanced selection methodologies, these antibodies are expressed in CHO or E. coli systems, ensuring high sensitivity and purity. Essential for extensive research endeavors, this collection supports crucial studies in cancer, cell signaling, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. With a focus on critical markers and the integration of single domain (sdAb) technology for enhanced in-vivo and live-cell imaging, these antibodies are a cornerstone for scientific advancement:

  • High specificity: Tailored for precise targeting with minimal cross-reactivity
  • Enhanced reproducibility: Consistent performance across batches
  • Superior penetration: Single domain anti-epitope tag antibodies for improved imaging

Recombinant Antibodies: Advantages to the IVD & Therapeutic Markets

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