Recombinant Antibodies

Experience the superior reproducibility, specificity, and scalability of Rockland’s recombinant antibodies. Our clones are created by isolating DNA from B cells found in the blood of hyperimmunized animals, then selected using a display library to extract the antibodies with optimal characteristics. These antibodies are expressed in either CHO or E. coli and consistently exhibit high sensitivity and purity, making them perfect for large, long-term studies.

Our portfolio offers recombinant antibodies suitable for studying cancer, cell signaling, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. Our antibodies that target common cancer markers, such as HER2 and CD20, mimic commercial immunotherapies and are well suited for furthering immuno-oncology research. Additionally, our anti-epitope tag antibodies are single domain (sdAb) allowing for better penetration during in-vivo and live-cell imaging.

Recombinant Antibodies for IVD and Therapeutics

The recombinant antibody market is quickly expanding as researchers and industry leaders look for monoclonal antibody alternatives. Consistency, reproducibility, and global manufacturing strategies are driving the interest in recombinant, animal-free options. These recombinant antibodies have inherent advantages and disadvantages.

Join Rockland's Product Manager, Todd Giardiello, and our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Carl Ascoli as they discuss this and much more.