Western Blot Kits

Rockland offers a variety of Western blot kits for assays to simplify reagent needs. We offer kits for chemiluminescent; fluorescent and chromogenic immunoassay formats. Our kits contain easy-to-use protocols for both beginner and expert users. Kits are species-specific for the detection of mouse, rabbit, goat, or human primary antibodies.

Rockland Western blot kits come ready as a format-specific package, including a membrane blocking reagent, washing buffers, secondary antibodies, and substrate (if required). Some of our more popular kits include FentoMax™ kits for chemiluminescent applications, infrared (IR), and DyLight™ kits for detection in the visible and infrared (IR) region on fluorescent western blot protocol imaging systems.

How is the Western Blot assay used?

Western Blot (WB)—or immunoblot—is a workhorse immunoassay for most labs. It can be used to demonstrate antibody specificity, confirm gene expression, detect post-translational modifications (PTMs), and diagnose diseases. Specific detection of bands corresponding to the protein of interest results from successively probing your blot with primary and conjugated secondary antibodies. It is a widely used method for detection of a specific protein in a complex matrix, such as cell or tissue lysate (i.e. protein extracts).