Whole Blood

Rockland's Whole Blood category encompasses a broad spectrum of animal blood products, meticulously sourced from unmedicated, healthy donors within our USDA-inspected vivarium. Each blood product is rigorously tested and certified to be free from disease, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Originating from the US, our donors are maintained on an antibiotic-free diet and regularly monitored for their health status. This category offers blood from an array of species including Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Mouse, Chicken, Bovine, Horse, Goat, Rat, Turkey, Swine, and Sheep, with options for specific gender, age, or strain upon request.

  • Purity and safety: Certified disease-free, sourced from healthy donors
  • Species variety: Broad selection across multiple animal species
  • Customization: Options for specific donor characteristics available