Cell Culture

With decades of experience in mammalian and insect cell culture for antibody and protein production, we can optimize even the most challenging protocols for both adherent and suspension cell lines.

When you partner with Rockland, you get an inventive team dedicated to solving complex problems. We can build a reliable methodology from scratch or alter individual culture parameters for small or large scales exceeding 100 liters—and we’ll facilitate transfer to your choice of GMP facility, if needed, to streamline development.

Cell Types We Work With

We specialize in mammalian and insect cells and have the capabilities of optimizing adherent, suspension, and biphasic cultures at small and large scales—from less than a liter to over 100 liters.

We routinely use T-Flasks, roller bottles, and stir tanks to propagate cells. Hollow fiber and CELLine flasks are also used to enhance small-scale bio-production for antibody and protein generation.

There is no limitation to the type of mammalian or insect cell line we are capable of working with, but here are a few examples:

Mammalian Insect
HEK 293 Sf9
CHO Sf21
Vero High-five
Stem Cells  
Avian Cells  

Are you looking for transfection, transduction, or bacterial culture services? Check out our protein expression and purification services.

More Cell Culture Services from Rockland

Cell Culture Method Development

Get a cell culture method developed from scratch for your non-standard cell lines or a protocol for unconventional growing conditions of standard cell lines.

Whether you are producing biologics or require an indicator cell line for your drug test, we’ll deliver optimal cell culture methods and can train your team on how to keep your cells thriving.

Cell Culture Optimization

Leverage expert analysis for troubleshooting and optimizing cell culture protocols and workflows.

Our team is willing to dig into the challenges to ensure you have optimal and consistent cell growth. We are committed to troubleshooting everything from changes in growth curves, parameter changes, media conditions.

Whole & Nuclear Cell Lysate Preparation

Get the control material you need to drive robust, unchallengeable data. With our rapid turnaround times, efficiency, and commitment to optimization, we ensure you get reliable materials quickly to help drive your next breakthrough discovery.

Cell Pellet & Supernatant Preparation

Get a frozen cell pellet ready to be lysed at your convenience, or if you prefer, we’ll store it and you can have us lyse the pellet for you.

Throughout our cell harvesting and cryopreservation process, we can also clear the supernatant for you to use as a control in your next assay.