Cell Lysates

Feel confident in the optimization and performance of your SDS-PAGE or Western blot experiment with Rockland’s ready-to-use whole cell lysates and nuclear extracts. Our lysates are derived from cell lines or tissues using highly advanced extraction protocols to ensure protein integrity and lot-to-lot reproducibility for consistent and high quality results.

Control Cell Lysates & Nuclear Extracts

Lysates are generated either from whole cells which contain cell membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins, or nuclear extracts, which are predominantly proteins that originate in the nucleus. Control cell lysates may be from cells that are stimulated with insulin, doxorubicin, etoposide, nocodozole, TNFa, or EGF. Lysates are also available from normal animal tissue derived from primary organs such as liver, heart, and brain.

Rockland also offers a variety of lysates that contain over expressed proteins (tagged and untagged) that can serve as positive controls for antibody reactivity. All extracts are tested by SDS-PAGE using 4-20% gradient gels and immunoblot analysis using antibodies to key cell signaling components to confirm the presence of both high molecular weight and low molecular weight proteins.