Protein Expression & Purification

Receive the highly purified proteins, antigens, and antibodies that are critical to your work when you engage with the experienced protein expression and purification services team at Rockland. We can express the target protein for you using the overexpression platform of your choice, or you can send us the source material and the target protein will be thoroughly purified from contaminating proteins using processes optimized for your project’s needs.

Protein Expression Services

Recombinant gene constructions can be generated and produced in your expression system of choice. For our Insect and Mammalian protein expression services, we perform multiplicity of infection (MOI) assays to maximize yield, so you consistently get the amount of protein you need for your next experiment.


Our experienced team can optimize our bacterial protein expression systems using 1 liter cultures of E. coli to deliver your protein of interest.

Insect Cells

Receive reliable recombinant proteins generated in our baculovirus expression system (1 liter scale) and amplified using sf9 cells. We are thorough troubleshooters to keep workflows moving, so before we move forward with purification, we perform a plaque assay to assess viral titer.

Mammalian Cells

Starting with transient or stable transfection and retroviral transduction, we will optimize our mammalian protein expression protocol to get you high-quality protein.

  • Large Scale Production of Expressed Protein in HeLa cells
  • 7 Liter batch bioreactor

In addition to expressing and isolating your target proteins, our team can expand and cryopreserve your cell lines, so you can continue to get the amount of protein you need when you need it.

Antibody and Protein Purification

By partnering with Rockland, you’ll get reliable protein purification services for native and recombinant proteins, as well as for antibodies—including challenging fragments and modified proteins. We can purify native and recombinant proteins using materials that you supply or using materials we generate in-house.

If you need to go beyond purification to get proteins that are further modified by chemical or enzymatic treatments, such as crosslinking or digestions, we offer a range of antibody modification services.

To ensure protein purity and integrity, we run a range of standard assays including SDS-PAGE. We can also perform custom assays as needed, including mass spectrometry.

We can implement a range of protein purification technology:

  • Poly His Tag protein purification
  • GST protein purification
  • Custom protein purification
  • Affinity purification
  • HPLC purification
  • HPLC Analysis
  • Concentration by ultrafiltration
  • Custom Lyophilization

Protein A, G, and A/G Purification

Get highly purified polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies—even for antibodies whose subclasses have not been determined.

We use Protein A, Protein G, or Protein A/G affinity chromatography with optimal conditions based on isotype specificity and various antibody binding moieties (e.g., Protein L, which binds to the antibody kappa chain) to reliably deliver high-quality antibodies.

Recombinant Protein Purification

Get your recombinant fusion proteins or epitope tagged proteins purified by affinity chromatography using charged or immobilized resins.

For your projects requiring exceptional purity, we offer ion exchange or size exclusion protein purification services.

Affinity Purification of Antibodies

Use our services to isolate antibodies from antiserum, plasma, serum, tissue extracts, and tissue culture or microbial supernatants.

We can generate custom resins to immobilize target-specific compounds, peptides, or recombinant proteins to affinity purify antibodies from various fluids or deplete antibodies from these preparations.