Custom Recombinant Antibodies (rAbs)

Recombinant antibodies have many advantages over purified natural and traditional hybridoma antibodies. These include supply chain security and improved quality control in production. Rockland can convert your antibody to a recombinant antibody format whether your antibody is sourced from an existing hybridoma cell line, is already a purified antibody protein, or is generated from an antibody display library.

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Why Rockland for rAb development?

Over 55 years of experience

60+ Years of Experience

Rockland has been a trusted provider of critical reagents and services for over 60 years, with expansive knowledge and experience in all phases of product development

Secure Supply

Secure Supply Chain

Every aspect of manufacturing is completed within our US-based facilities with fully traceable manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems

Scalable manufacturing

Scalable Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilites allow for lifetime production of small- to large-scale reagents


Full-Service Provider

Novel assays can be created start-to-finish with our antibody and reagent generation and assay development and validatoin services


On-Site Vivarium

By maintaining and supervising our own vivarium, Rockland is able to oversee every aspect of the production process

guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Quality

Our products conform to high quality standards with a flexible quality system that can meet the unique needs of your organization