Training & Tech Transfer

From our extensive experience helping numerous R&D companies push their cell therapies and vaccines through the drug development pipeline, we appreciate the need for seamless knowledge and material handoffs when adopting a new protocol or transitioning from pre-GMP R&D to GMP facilities and product manufacturing.


We offer on-site training at Rockland or at your facility, as well as virtual training, so your team knows exactly how to perform new techniques and implement cell culture protocols we develop for you.

Methodology Tech Transfer

We build out comprehensive documentation to ensure streamlined transfer of every method we develop, including batch records and GMP-grade documentation, so your GMP facility of choice can easily and efficiently implement the methods we develop.

Consulting & Collaboration

Our collaborative process and expert analysis for protocol troubleshooting and workflow optimization eliminates the burden of evaluating growth curves and optimizing media from your team and ensures that our protocols fit into the larger GMP-grade R&D process.