Rockland provides customizable options for the development of antibodies, assays, and supporting reagents to accurately reflect the quality of biopharmaceutical products from early- to late-stage bioprocessing, verifying safety and accuracy. With every project, documentation and traceability are provided to ensure FDA requirements are satisfied.


Rockland Partners With JIB

Rockland is proud to partner with the Jefferson Insitute For Bioprocessing (JIB). JIB offers early phase pre-clinical process development, product and technology development and evaluation, analytical, and quality control. This collaboration expands Rocklands offering in bioprocess control strategies, providing quality products and services for cell, gene, and RNA therapies.

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Impurity Detection ELISA Kits

Mitigate risk of host cell protein impurities with generic HCP ELISA kits developed and validated in partnership with Cytiva Life Sciences.

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At a Glance

Over 55 years of experience

60+ Years of Experience

Rockland has been a trusted provider of critical reagents and services for over 60 years, with expansive knowledge and experience in all phases of product development

Secure supply chain

Secure Supply Chain

Every aspect of manufacturing is completed with fully traceable manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems

US-based Manufacturing

US-based Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilites allow for reproducibility and minimal lot-to-lot variability

Full-service Provider

Full-Service Provider

Novel assays can be created start-to-finish with our antibody and reagent generation and assay development and validation services

Worldwide Distribution

Worldwide Distribution

Our experienced logistics teams are able to distribute small- and large-scale orders accurately and efficiently worldwide

Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

Our products conform to high quality standards with rigorous product testing and multi-validation for quality and consistency