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Isotyping Kit: Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit IsoMax™ - 5 pack

KDA-005 KDA-010
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Use Rockland Immunochemicals' IsoMax™ Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit for determining the class and subclass of a monoclonal antibody. Isotype determination is a prerequisite for selecting the best immunoglobulin purification method. For example, IgA and IgM are often best purified by size (gel filtration) or on immunoaffinity support columns, whereas IgG2a and IgG2b can be purified by protein A chromatography at a pH of 7 to 8. IgG1 binds best to protein A at a pH of 8 to 9. Isotype determination is also required if an antibody is to be digested by pepsin or papain as each isotype shows varying sensitivity to enzymatic digestion. Please call technical service for further assistance.

Product Details

Isotyping Kit: Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit IsoMax™ - 5 pack - KDA-005
Isotyping kit, mouse subclass determination, IgG isotype, immunoglobulin isotyping
Isotyping Kit

Target Details

Rockland Immunochemicals' IsoMax™ Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit is a rapid (5 minute) lateral flow assay with sensitivity equal to ELISA for monoclonal antibody class and subclass determination. The assay is designed to test antibody present in tissue culture supernatant or mouse ascites fluid. This kit contains 5 packs of 2 cassettes each sufficient for testing up to 5 samples. Please read the entire product insert prior to use.

Application Details

Each kit contains 5 packs of 2 cassettes each: one cassette for detecting IgG1, IgG2a and IgG2b; the other cassette for detecting IgG3, IgA and IgM. When a properly diluted sample containing a specific isotype antibody is added to the sample well, a specific class and subclass soluble complex is formed with the embedded gold conjugates. These complexes travel the length of the membrane and are resolved on the anti-isotype and anti-class-specific antibody impregnated membrane. A control line will appear on the membrane in the region marked ''C'' on the cassette indicating a successful run (positive internal control). Typically when antibodies are applied at a concentration of 10 ng/mL the best results are obtained by reading the cassette 5 to 10 minutes after application. Results should NOT be read after 10 minutes.


1 Kit Components in this kit are sufficient to run 5 isotype class and subclass determinations.

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See kit insert for complete instructions.
See kit insert for complete instructions.

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