AccuSignal™ Nuclease ELISA Kit

The presence of nuclease must be addressed in the manufacture of therapeutic products. Nucleases can degrade nucleic acids, whether the drug’s genetic material or the patient’s own genetic material. To meet quality and safety standards, it is essential to ensure the absence of impurities like nuclease. To address these concerns, pharmaceutical manufacturers may implement purification and quality control processes that include steps to remove or inhibit nucleases, ensuring the final product is safe, stable, and effective for patients.

Introducing AccuSignal™ Nuclease ELISA Kit

The AccuSignal Nuclease ELISA Kit is designed to sensitively and robustly quantitate nuclease within therapeutics, including DENARASE®, Benzonase®, and Turbonuclease. Using a sandwich ELISA format, this kit leverages the specificity and affinity of pre-immobilized anti-nuclease antibodies. The biotin-conjugated detection, coupled with streptavidin-HRP, guarantees unparalleled sensitivity, enabling the accurate measurement of nucleases across a spectrum of therapeutic materials:

Biological Therapeutics

Biological Therapeutics

Assess the nuclease content in biologically derived therapeutics, ensuring their stability and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Gene Therapy Vectors

Gene Therapy Vectors

Facilitate the evaluation of nucleases in gene therapy vectors, a critical parameter in maintaining the integrity of these vectors for effective therapeutic gene delivery.

Vaccine Production

Vaccine Production

Validate the nuclease levels in pharmaceutical formulations, safeguarding their potency and preventing potential degradation.

By providing a reliable and standardized method for nuclease quantification, the AccuSignal Nuclease ELISA Kit not only ensures compliance with strict regulatory requirements but also expedites research and development processes. The user-friendly approach and robust methodology streamline workflows, empowering scientists to focus on advancing therapeutic innovations with confidence. It stands as an indispensable asset that promotes precision, reliability, and efficiency in the evaluation of nucleases in a therapeutic product, while ensuring safety and efficacy.

Key features include:

Sensitive antibody for reliable detection of nuclease at low concentrations

Wide quantifiable range with excellent dilution linearity for confidence in results across a large range of potential concentrations

Reproducible results ensured by consistent low inter- and intra-plate variation

Antibody specificity for use in materials that may use a variety of nuclease products from multiple manufacturers

How Do We Compare?

Discover the perfect blend of high sensitivity and minimal incubation time.

  Rockland Logo Company A Company B Company C Company D
Range 0.03 - 20 ng/mL 0.02 - 1.5 ng/mL 0.03 - 1 ng/mL 0.3 - 20 ng/mL 0.1 - 25 ng/mL
Mechanism Biotin-Conjugated Ab Biotin-Conjugated Ab Biotin-Conjugated Ab HRP-Conjugated Ab HRP-Conjugated Ab
Incubation Time 2:40 h 5:40 h 2:10 h 1:30 h 3:15 h

Why Rockland?


Over 55 years of experience

60+ Years of Experience

Rockland has been a trusted provider of critical reagents and services for over 60 years, with expansive knowledge and experience in all phases of product development

Secure supply chain

Secure Supply Chain

Every aspect of manufacturing is completed with fully traceable manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems

US-based Manufacturing

US-based Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow for reproducibility and minimal lot-to-lot variability

AccuSignal™ Nuclease ELISA Kit Components

The kit contains a comprehensive set of components, ensuring efficient nuclease quantification.

Component Size
Nuclease Antibody-coated 96-well Strip Plate 1 plate
Biotinylated Anti-Nuclease Detection Antibody (100X) 110 μL
Nuclease Protein Standard 0.2 μg
Streptavidin-HRP (100X) 110 μL
Sample Buffer 50 mL
Stop Buffer 50 mL
TMB Buffer 20 mL
Wash Buffer (10X) 60 mL
Plate Sealer 1 sheet