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NFkB p65 ELISA Kit

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The NF-kB/Rel family of transcription factors is comprised of several structurally related proteins that form homodimers and heterodimers and include p50/p105, p52/p100, RelA (p65), c-Rel/NF-kB [1]. Members of this family are responsible for regulating over 150 target genes, including the expression of inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, immunoreceptors and cell adhesion molecules. Because of this, NF-kB has often been called a ‘central mediator of the human immune response' [2]. Acting as dimers, these transcription factors bind to DNA sequences, collectively called kB, sites thereby regulating expression of target genes. In most cells, Rel/ NF-kB transcription complexes are present in an inactive form in the cytoplasm, bound to an inhibitor IkB. Certain stimuli result in the phosphorylation, ubiquitination and subsequent degradation of IkB proteins thereby enabling translocation of NF-kB into the nucleus [3]. The most common Rel/NF-kB dimer in mammals contains p50-RelA (p50/p65) heterodimers and is specifically called NF-kB. One of the target genes activated by NF-kB is that encoding IkBα. This feedback mechanism allows newly-synthesized IkBα to enter the nucleus, remove NF-kB from DNA and transport it back to the cytoplasm thereby restoring its inactive state. The importance of Rel/NF-kB transcription factors in human inflammation and certain diseases makes them attractive targets for potential therapeutics [4-6].

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NFkB (P65) ELISA Kit - KAA065
NF-kB Transcription Factor Kit, p65 kit, EIA kit, NF-kB p65 Transcription Factor Assay

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Rockland's NF-kB (p65) Transcription Factor Assay is a non-radioactive, sensitive method for detecting specific transcription factor DNA binding activity in nuclear extracts and whole cell lysates. A 96 well enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) replaces the cumbersome radioactive electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA). A specific double stranded DNA (dsDNA) sequence containing the NF-kB response element is immobilized onto the bottom of wells of a 96 well plate (see Figure 1 on page 4). NF-kB contained in a nuclear extract specifically binds to the NF-kB response element. NF-kB (p65) is detected by addition of a specific primary antibody directed against NF-kB (p65). A secondary antibody conjugated to HRP is added to provide a sensitive colorimetric readout at 450 nm. Rockland's NF-kB (p65) Transcription Factor Assay detects human NF-kB (p65). It will not cross-react with NF-kB (p50).

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See kit insert for complete instructions.
(). Concurrent Treatment with Taxifolin and Cilostazol on the Lowering of β-Amyloid Accumulation and Neurotoxicity via the Suppression of P-JAK2/P-STAT3/NF-κB/BACE1 Signaling Pathways. PloS One

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