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EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit

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The EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit is a kinetic, colorimetric assay for the quantitative determination of bacterial Endotoxin in aqueous solutions. Endotoxin, a bacterial lipopolysaccharide, is one of the major cell wall components of most gram-negative bacteria. The EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit detects low levels of Endotoxin and is therefore a useful tool to assess the integrity of biological and environmental samples. The detection ranges from 0.01 - 10 Endotoxin units (EU/mL). The EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit is a quantitative version of the reaction first described by Levin and Bang in 1968. The test is based upon an enzymatic cascade where Endotoxin activates Factor C in Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) which in turn activates Factor B. Factor B activates Proclotting Enzyme which then activates Clotting Enzyme. A colorless synthetic peptide substrate is hydrolyzed by Clotting Enzyme to generate a yellow color which can be measured by a spectrophotometer at 405 nm. The degree of color resulting from the reaction is proportional to the amount of Endotoxin in the test sample and can be calculated using a standard curve.

Product Details

EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit - KMA-0100
Endotoxin Test Kit, Endotoxin level, Endotoxin Detection, bacterial Endotoxin, Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL)

Target Details

This kit includes: 96-well plate, endotoxin standard, chromogenic lysate (~60 reactions), LAL reagent water. See kit protocol for complete details. The EndoAlert™ Endotoxin Plate Kit provides a level of Endotoxin only in relation to the standard. It is NOT specific to the species of gram-negative bacteria which is the source of the Endotoxin in the sample. To increase accuracy of the test when the source of Endotoxin is known, use a purified Endotoxin from that species.

Application Details

Endotoxin level detection. See kit protocol for complete details. The detection ranges from 0.01 - 10 Endotoxin units (EU/mL). Incubation 60 mins.


1 Kit

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Wet Ice
Store all kit reagents at 2-8 °C in the dark. Avoid storing kits for extended periods (more than 24 hours) at room temperature. See kit protocol for complete details.
See kit insert for complete instructions.

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