Anti-Oligonucleotide Antibody Development


Anti-Oligo Sell Sheet

Rockland’s antibody development capabilities include the proven ability to generate critical antibody reagents for the preclinical detection and characterization of specific anti-oligos under consideration as drug candidates. Anti-oligonucleotide antibodies exhibit sequence- or modification-specific binding properties and are intended for applications including ELISA and immunohistochemistry (IHC). With the development of anti-oligo technologies and the first regulatory approval of an anti-oligo as a therapeutic agent, the need for analytical reporting has increased.

Rockland has successfully worked with diverse nucleic acid chemical structures for antibody development. When working closely with clients to understand the biochemical properties of the target nucleic acids, Rockland can design a tailored antibody generation strategy. With years of experience and exposure to difficult protein and chemical immunogens, Rockland is a valuable partner by utilizing strengths unique to the industry.