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Coagulation X Antibody

Rabbit Polyclonal

100 µL
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This gene encodes the vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor X of the blood coagulation cascade. This factor undergoes multiple processing steps before its preproprotein is converted to a mature two-chain form by the excision of the tripeptide RKR. Two chains of the factor are held together by 1 or more disulfide bonds the light chain contains 2 EGF-like domains while the heavy chain contains the catalytic domain which is structurally homologous to those of the other hemostatic serine proteases. The mature factor is activated by the cleavage of the activation peptide by factor IXa (in the intrisic pathway) or by factor VIIa (in the extrinsic pathway). The activated factor then converts prothrombin to thrombin in the presence of factor Va Ca+2 and phospholipid during blood clotting. Mutations of this gene result in factor X deficiency a hemorrhagic condition of variable severity.

Product Details

Anti-Coagulation Factor X (F10) (Center) Antibody - ABIN2856706
FX, FXA, Cf10, fX, fi12c10, wu:fi12c10, F10, f10, coagulation factor X, Coagulation factor X, coagulation factor 10 L homeolog, F10, f10, CpipJ_CPIJ012712, CpipJ_CPIJ014863, CpipJ_CPIJ016937, CpipJ_CPIJ017791, fa10, f10.L

Target Details

Recombinant Protein
Recombinant protein encompassing a sequence within the center region of human Factor X. The exact sequence is proprietary.
Rabbit Polyclonal antibody to Factor X (coagulation factor X) Factor X antibody has been purified by antigen-affinity chromatography.

Application Details

Anti-Coagulation Factor X (F10) (Center) Antibody is tested for use in Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections) (IHC-P), Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunofluorescence (IF), and Western Blotting (WB). Cellular Localization: Secreted. Suggested dilution Reference ICC/IF 1:100-1:1000*; IHC (Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections) 1:100-1:1000*; Western blot 1:500-1:3000*. Expect a band approximately 55kDa in size corresponding to Factor X by western blotting in the appropriate cell lysate or extract. Not tested in other applications. *Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the researcher. Positive Control: human F10-transfected 293T cells. This product is in 0.1M Tris, 0.1M Glycine Buffer.


1.0 mg/mL by UV absorbance at 280 nm
0.01% (w/v) Thimerosal
10% (v/v) Glycerol

Shipping & Handling

Wet Ice
Store vial at -20° C prior to opening. Aliquot contents and freeze at -20° C or below for extended storage. Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing. Centrifuge product if not completely clear after standing at room temperature. Dilute only prior to immediate use. Stable for 12 months from date of receipt.
Expiration date is one (1) year from date of receipt.

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