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Rb DAB Western Blot Kit - Yellow

Goat Polyclonal

1 Kit
Leporidae (Rabbit)
This product is discontinued


Rabbit Specific DAB Chromogenic Western Blot Kit is specific for detection of membrane-immobilized proteins on western blots probed with rabbit primary antibodies using HRP-conjugated anti-rabbit secondary antibodies and DAB chromogenic substrate reagents. The reaction product is a brown precipitate insoluble in water, dimethylbenzene or alcohol, which makes DAB suitable for color development reaction in western blotting. Rabbit DAB Chromogenic Reagent kit is extremely sensitive and has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Product Details

Rabbit Specific DAB Chromogenic Western Blot Kit - Yellow - KOA0137
Western Blotting Rabbit IgG, Western Blotting Rabbit IgG DAB Chromogenic Reagent Kit, 3,3'-diaminobenzidine, Goat anti-rabbit IgG antibody
Peroxidase (HRP)
Chemiluminescent Western Blot Kit

Target Details

Leporidae (Rabbit)

Application Details

Useful for Western Blotting. See kit insert for details.


1 Kit

Shipping & Handling

Wet Ice
Store at ‐20˚C for 1 year. DAB reagent should be protected from light. See kit insert for complete instructions.
Expiration date is one (1) year from date of receipt.

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