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Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation Kit

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Methylated DNA kit, the protocol has been improved to allow researchers to work in smaller tubes than traditionally did so far. The kit ensures the use of low amount of reagents per reaction (not only antibodies, but also buffers). The kit also includes fewer buffers in comparison with other kits. This makes this kit cheaper to use and much simpler to work with. The number of steps is reduced and handling is easier with our Magnetic Methyl DNA IP procedure. Two IP kit formats are available: one for a minimum of 10 IPs and another for a minimum of 48 IPs. In addition, the flexibility of the protocol has also been increased, as the IP’d DNA can be isolated and/or purified in different ways based on the downstream application: an extra-fast and simplified protocol is included in the IP kit (for qPCR analysis); but an additional method, (for subsequent sequencing analysis) is also proposed. Moreover, use of a magnetic rack together with our new IP kit protocol ensures the best IP conditions by working at a constantly cooler temperature. There are Magnetic Racks available that have been designed to be used in IP experiments, keeping samples cool longer and allowing the use of small tubes to reduce the reaction volumes and waste of reagents. The kit protocol also includes more flexibility at the DNA isolation/purification stage, so that the isolated DNA can be analyzed by all sorts of subsequent techniques. In addition, several modules are available for upstream and downstream experiments. The Methylated DNA IP kit protocol has been validated with the Bioruptor®. Nevertheless, DNA can be sheared with any in house protocol and sonication apparatus as long as efficiency is checked before use.

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Methylated DNA Targeted Immunoprecipitation Kit - KOA0885
Magnetic Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation, MeDIP, MagMeDIP, immunoprecipitate methylated DNA
Immunoprecipitation Kit

Application Details

The Methylated DNA IP kit is designed to immunoprecipitate methylated DNA (Methyl DNA IP). Suitable for 48 reactions.

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