WM1341D Viable Cells (1 million cells)
WM1341D viable cells
Human melanoma tumor cells
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WM1341D Viable Cells (1 million cells)

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Cellular Assay, Functional Assay, IF, IHC, WB
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WM1341D is a tumorigenic (VGP) primary melanoma cell line with competence for metastasis. These cells display epithelial square and triangular morphology in culture. This cell line features the specific V600R (Val600Arg) mutation at codon 600 in the BRAF gene. The V600R mutation results in an amino acid substitution at position 600 in BRAF, from a valine (V) to an arginine (R). This mutation occurs within the activation segment of the kinase domain. Mutations at V600 result in increased kinase activity and are transforming in vitro. WM1341D cells produce xenograft tumors when injected into immunocompromised mice.

Application Note

The key applications of these cell lines include genetic studies, xenograft production, drug testing, and drug target discovery. These cell line models can be used in various biological assays, and for identifying critical target genes, and cell signaling pathways.


Cells are sterile, validated by short tandem repeat profiling, and are tested as negative for mycoplasma. It is recommended that cell lines are tested for mycoplasma contamination and short tandem repeat (STR) profiling every 10 passages or each time a frozen seed stock is made. See cell culture protocol for additional details.

WM1341D Viable Cells - WM1341D-01-0001
Melanoma, patient derived tumor, tumor models, skin cancer, xenograft
Cellular Assay, Functional Assay, IF, IHC, WB
Human Melanoma
Viable Cells
epithelial square and triangle
Tumor Specialized Media with 2% HI-FBS
Cells should be maintained between 30 – 95% confluence in tumor specialized medium with 2% FBS; split cultures 1:3 every 10 days using 0.25% trypsin/EDTA.
36°C with 5% CO2
Frozen Cell Suspension
1x10^6 cells/vial Count By Hemocytometer
Dry Ice
Cells are frozen with 90% FBS/10% DMSO solution at about 1x10^6 cells/ml. Store vial in liquid nitrogen upon arrival.
Expiration date is two (2) years from date of receipt.
Alpha-Enolase (ENO1) Correlates with Invasiveness of Cutaneous Melanoma—An In Vitro and a Clinical Study. Diagnostics (Basel). ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy; Other
Changes in Biomechanical Properties of A375 Cells Due to the Silencing of TMSB4X Expression Are Not Directly Correlated with Alterations in Their Stemness Features. Cells. ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy; Other
PARP1 as a Marker of an Aggressive Clinical Phenotype in Cutaneous Melanoma—A Clinical and an In Vitro Study. Cells. ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy; qRT-PCR, RT-PCR; WB, IB, PCA
The origin of the expressed retrotransposed gene ACTBL2 and its influence on human melanoma cells' motility and focal adhesion formation. Sci Rep. ()
IHC, ICC, Histology; WB, IB, PCA
Knockout of ACTB and ACTG1 with CRISPR/Cas9(D10A) Technique Shows that Non-Muscle β and γ Actin Are Not Equal in Relation to Human Melanoma Cells' Motility and Focal Adhesion Formation. Int J Mol Sci. ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy
Thymosin β4 regulates focal adhesion formation in human melanoma cells and affects their migration and invasion. Front Cell Dev Biol. ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy; Other; WB, IB, PCA
Varying effects of EGF, HGF and TGFβ on formation of invadopodia and invasiveness of melanoma cell lines of different origin. Eur J Histochem. ()
IF, Confocal Microscopy; WB, IB, PCA

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