TrueBlot®: Publication Quality IP and Western Blot Images


TrueBlot® is Rockland's newest and most exciting product line acquired from eBioscience. The TrueBlot® system is a way to produce publication-quality immunoblots. Western blot and other immunoblotting assays are some of the most commonly used assays in biotechnology. TrueBlot® reagents have the ability to specifically detect the native 3D structure of antibodies. Peroxidase conjugated TrueBlot® allows for a clean Western blot free of unwanted bands. When used along with an immediate precipitation method TrueBlot® will only target the native primary antibody of one of the four host species and not the denatured fragments of the immunoprecipitation and capture antibody. The TrueBlot® product line consists of 20 different products that can be used as companion reagents.

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