Rockland Launches Early Access Program for ModDetect™ Anti-PS Panel

FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Rockland, a pioneer in life science solutions, is excited to announce the initiation of the Early Access Program for its ModDetect™ Anti-PS Monoclonal Antibody Panel (patent pending). This innovative technology marks a significant leap forward in the field of nucleic acid research, offering an unparalleled solution for the detection of phosphorothioate (PS) modifications independent of sequence or location.

The ModDetect™ Anti-PS Monoclonal Antibody Panel is a unique specialty reagent designed to meet the needs of oligonucleotide therapeutic development, mRNA vaccine development, genetic disease research, and gene expression studies. The panel is tailored to detect PS modifications, providing an effective tool to researchers and scientists striving for accuracy and efficiency in their projects.

The Early Access Program provides researchers and developers with the unique opportunity to gain immediate access to the ModDetect™ Anti-PS Antibody Panel as soon as its reagents are validated and released for use. This program has the potential to dramatically accelerate research and development timelines by circumventing the need for de novo development.

If you are interested in participating in the Early Access Program or would like to learn more about the ModDetect™ Anti-PS Antibody Panel, please visit: 

ModDetect Antibody Panels