Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. announces acquisition of antibodies-online GmbH and investment from BroadOak Capital Partners

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

LIMERICK, PA - Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland), a leader in life science tools and services, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of antibodies-online GmbH (antibodies-online). With offices in Europe and the U.S., antibodies-online provides antibodies and other reagents to scientists in more than 65 countries, accelerating and enabling scientific discovery and the development of therapies and diagnostics. antibodies-online makes the complex convenient by guiding each scientist with curated and accurate product selections to unmatched product and validation data on its e-commerce platform. The acquisition combines Rockland's excellence in the design, development, and manufacture of antibodies and assays with antibodies-online's trusted e-commerce brand, broad supplier network, and proprietary technology stack. Customers of each company will have access to enhanced capabilities that are supported by broader and deeper data sets, enriching the customer experience and advancing the customer's go-to-market strategy.

Jim Fendrick, President and CEO of Rockland commented: "The discovery and delivery to market of tomorrow's biologic, cell, gene, and RNA therapies, diagnostics, and vaccines requires rigor and a keen dedication to the quality of each element of the ecosystem that supports the research, development, approval, and production of our customers' products. Adding antibodies-online's talents and capabilities brings both scale and supply chain stability to our offering. Our customers will have access to our depth of antibody and assay expertise across a broader spectrum of disease targets to assure that their products are safe, sustainable, and achieve market access."

Tim Hiddemann, co-founder and Managing Director of antibodies-online, said: "We are excited about the opportunity to join the Rockland group and provide our customers with in-depth subject matter expertise that will advance meaningful scientific discovery and provide additional assurance in the quality of our customers' work and products. Our ability to curate vast data sets and present them cogently on our platform is critical as new complex therapies and supporting scientific work are reliant on antibody  technology to demonstrate target identification, purity, and potency. Together, with Rockland, we deliver more value to discerning customers who demand quality delivered with consistency.”

Bill Snider, Partner at BroadOak Capital Partners commented: "We are delighted to extend our long-term partnership with Rockland to include financing that supports its acquisition of antibodies-online; a former BroadOak portfolio company. Rockland is a highly respected and innovative business that has seen significant recent growth. Increasing its reach and leveraging its core assets was an opportunity that we are thrilled to support. Customers of both companies will undoubtedly reap the benefits of the combination."

About Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
Established in 1962, Rockland is a global biotechnology company manufacturing leading-edge tools for basic, applied, and clinical research for academic, biopharma, diagnostic , and agbio industries. Rockland is a privately held company, operating manufacturing facilities with antibody and protein production capabilities near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 

About antibodies-online GmbH
antibodies-online is a global e-commerce, life science company serving the most exacting scientists and companies to advance scientific achievements important to the health and welfare of people around the world. Since its founding in Aachen, Germany, in 2006, antibodies-online is dedicated to the delivery of the best products available for every demanding project. Learn more about antibodies-online at

About BroadOak Capital Partners, LLC
BroadOak Capital Partners, with headquarters in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, is a life-sciences focused boutique financial institution that provides direct investment and investment banking services to companies in research tools and consumables, diagnostics, biopharma services, and adjacent markets. BroadOak has led or participated in investments in more than fifty companies across multiple funds and investment vehicles. Learn more about BroadOak at