Rockland expands infectious disease portfolio with new partner, Diagnostic BioSystems

OCTOBER 18, 2021
LIMERICK, PA, Oct. 18, 2021 -- Diagnostic BioSystems (DBS), a provider of cutting-edge in vitro diagnostics and high quality Immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents has signed a distribution agreement with Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland), a leading life science reagent manufacturer specializing in antibodies and antibody-based tools.

This partnership enables greater accessibility of select infectious disease antibodies that have been optimized for high-quality staining in immunohistochemical applications. The addition of these antibodies to Rockland’s portfolio will provide scientists convenience when searching for critical immunoreagents for use in their in vitro diagnostic assays. These antibodies along with Rockland’s growing selection of general-purpose reagents can be used in a broad range of diagnostic applications to assist in the identification and treatment of afflictions.

Jim Fendrick, President and CEO of Rockland agrees that “partnerships are important to Rockland. We believe that unifying the efforts of industry leaders allows us to better serve the life science community and we’re confident that the combined efforts of Rockland and DBS will do just that.”

DBS and Rockland share a common goal of providing reliable access to high quality reagents for the advancement of life science. The combination of both DBS’s and Rockland’s first-class customer service and distribution processes will allow for efficient procurement and expert technical support to researchers and clinicians around the world.

“Timely and effective promotion of advanced immunohistochemistry solutions is crucial for rapidly evolving life sciences and healthcare systems”, said Bipin Gupta PhD, Founder and Chief Executive officer at Diagnostic BioSystems. “We are pleased to partner with Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc, a global provider of life science solutions.”

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