ModDetect Antibody Panels

The first of its kind, Rockland’s ModDetect™ Anti-PS Monoclonal is a specialty antibody panel technology developed to detect phosphorothioate (PS) modifications independent of the sequence or location of the modification. This makes the Anti-PS panel useful for oligonucleotide therapeutic development, mRNA vaccine development, or research of genetic diseases or gene expression.

Advantages of the ModDetect™ Anti-PS Antibody

Rockland has a demonstrated history of successful generation of antibodies as analytical tools against different types of nucleic acid targets including modified backbones and nucleosides by way of fully customized, fit-for-purpose, anti-oligonucleotide antibodies. We have developed a panel of validated specialty reagents directed against phosphorothioate (with more to come) that can be used immediately, saving significant time compared to traditional programs that may take up to 12 months. And because these antibodies are fully designed, developed, optimized, and validated in-house, we can ensure supply chain security and respect of client confidentiality and intellectual property.

no sophisticated equipment

Uniquely Specific

Detect any PS modification independent of the sequence or location

no sophisticated equipment

Time Saving

Save time in your discovery and pre-clinical processes

no sophisticated equipment


In-house, US-based manufacturing ensures reproducible results

ModDetect™ Panels as Analytical Tools

ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion)‚Äč
Pre-Clinical / Non-Clinical
Types of Assays
Immunogenicity Studies
IP/Protein Binding
In Vitro Cell Culture/
Potency Studies

Figure 1. ELISA demonstrating the specificity of the immune response from one rabbit. Immulon HBX ELISA plates were coated with 100 ng/well of BSA conjugated 3’ or 5’ oligonucleotides with identical sequences. Anti-sera was diluted 1:100 then 3-fold serially diluted. Antibodies showed a preference to phosphorothioate backbone-modified oligonucleotides (Assay #2) over phosphodiester backbone (PO) oligonucleotides (Assay #1) independent of orientation.

Try our Early Access Program

The Early Access Program is available to grant immediate access to our ModDetect™ reagents as they are validated and released for use, potentially saving critical time compared with de novo development. If you are interested in participating, use the link below to request more information.

Note: Use licenses, both single and enterprise, are offered once these specialty reagents have been confirmed suitable for use for a specific drug substance and assay.

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