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Stable DAB/Plus

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DAB (3,3'-Diaminobenzidine) is extensively used in IHC as a chromogenic substrate for the peroxidase (HRP) enzyme, resulting in a brown-colored precipitate at the site of enzyme activity. It is favored for its high-resolution staining and compatibility with light microscopy.

Product Details

Stable DAB/Plus - K047
DAB, Diaminobenzidine, peroxidase substrate

Target Details

Reagents provided: Concentrated Amber-Colored DAB Chromogen Solution 5mL, Clear Stable DAB/Plus Substrate Buffer 200mL, Empty Mixing Dropper Bottle.

Application Details

Stable DAB/Plus offers several noteworthy improvements and benefits as compared with traditional working DAB solutions. Stable DAB/Plus is much more sensitive, providing the cost-effective option of diluting the primary antibody. Being stable for 5 days (as opposed to 6 hours for traditional DAB working solutions), Stable DAB/Plus allows the user the convenience of making one working solution for the entire work week. Hazardous waste generation from spent DAB solution is also significantly reduced. Stable DAB/Plus is ideal for high volume labs and automated stainers. Aliquot 20µL (1 drop) of DAB Chromogen Solution into 1mL of DAB/Plus Substrate Buffer in the Dropper bottle and mix thoroughly.



Shipping & Handling

Wet Ice
Store at 2°-8°C away from light. Do not use product after the expiration date printed on vial. If reagents are stored under conditions other than those specified here, they must be verified by the user. Diluted reagents should be used promptly.

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