Antibodies-Online ELISA Kits

Rockland’s goal is to help you find the best product for your research. To that end, we’ve called on our trusted global partners to expand our offering so that customers like you have access to the high-quality reagents and assays you need. In addition to Rockland’s 800+ AccuSignal ELISA kits, antibodies-online offers over 15,000 ELISA kits under its label. By tapping into this incredible resource, we guarantee you’ll find the fully validated, ready-to-use ELISA kit you’re looking for.

With offices in Europe and the U.S., antibodies-online provides antibodies and other reagents to scientists in more than 65 countries, accelerating and enabling scientific discovery and the development of therapies and diagnostics. antibodies-online is part of the Rockland group of companies since early 2022.

antibodies-online - A trusted ELISA kit supplier

  • 15 years of serving science
  • Located in Aachen, Germany and Philadelphia, US
  • Shipping to 65+ countries
  • PhD customer support (phone, email, chat)
  • Handpicked ELISA kits for 3,000+ targets
  • Carefully collected validation data
  • Component validation for many products
  • Guaranteed to work

Where to Order?

In addition to antibodies-online, you can also order all ELISA kits directly from Rockland. Please indicate the ABIN (Antibodies-Online Item No.) on your purchase order. All kits are also available in quantities of 5 and 10 with a respective discount.